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The History

1968 - 1995

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Stock Car Racing at the Goodwood Oval is a non-profit public interest website.  The research, development, and maintenance costs are funded with appreciation from our sponsors advertised on this site - in most cases sponsors and advertisers were involved with the sponsoring of drivers and cars of The Cape Hell Drivers during the nearly 30 years at the Goodwood Oval and are still in business today, a proud achievement by any means.

We have largely been dependant on the provision of information and photographs from passed drivers and also persons with family connections to Stock Car Racing  and public domains


Website Content - Articles and comments are for the most part our own experiences and that of drivers and officials that were involved with Hell Driving during the Goodwood Oval Raceway era.  Images have been supplied from our own collection and that of the drivers featured on this site as well as from fans and motor sport enthusiasts.. Should any images placed on this site be the property of a third party, we advise that this would be unintentional or  the owner / photographer is unknown or anyone posting images has neglected to declare the owners details. Images that can be positively (proved) identified as the property of a particular person or entity should contact us by email requesting such images to be appropriately endorsed or removed. We intern would appreciate co-operation from all concerned - “for the sake of Stock Cars”

Your interaction and contribution will always be welcome. Please feel free to give us your comments and suggestions either by email or by placing a thread on our forum page. We are always excited about receiving new and interesting content for our site, so if you have a stock car story to tell or some pictures or even video clips of  the Goodwood days, get in touch with us. Thank you for visiting our site.

The general interest in our website has been very encouraging and we thank all those who have sent us positive feedback and words of encouragement. We will endeavour to continually add new content and upgrade applications being used and hope you will come back to visit our site from time to time.


Derek van Oudtshoorn

Stockcars.za.org Site Administrator

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