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The History

1968 - 1995

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In The Beginning

In 1967 Jack Holloway - Then Chairman of the Worcester Motor Club brought his team to Cape Town to perform at the Goodwood Oval. This new and rugged form of motor sport known at the time as American Saloon Car Racing immediately caught on with Capetonians , resulting in hundreds wanting to join the club. Because of the fact that the Worcester team where outnumbered by Cape Town drivers and the Goodwood Oval being a much more suitable venue, Jack and members of the committee were soon negotiating with the Cape Agricultural Society to make the Goodwood Oval their home on a permanent basis and to stage their race meetings at least once a month during the summer seasons. All went well and Jack Holloway and his team held their first race meeting at the Goodwood Oval in 1968 under the banner of “The Cape Hell Drivers”. We salute the men and women that made this happen and may we never forget that without them the CHD would probably never have existed.


Jack Holloway

Founder member and Chairman of

The Cape Hell Drivers for 10 successive years

(1968 - 1977)

Jean Holloway

Wife and right hand of the chairman

as well as presenter of trophies

Muller Immelman

Vice Chairman, ex hell driver and instrumental

in starting the new club

Ena de Waal

Club secretary, ex stock car driver,

Stunt lady and hell driver

Bill Lenz

Club Captain, ex stock car driver

and top 20 hell driver

Adrian Pheiffer

Social Chairman and race organiser

Of rallies and tours for the CHD


Jack Holloway

Jean Holloway

Joe Marchinkowski

Bobby Marchnkowski

John Geldenhuys

Deon de Waal

Ena de Waal

Bill Lenz

Ray Butters

Karel Groenewald

Abie Drotschie

Johan Tulleken

Eric Bryan

Doep du Plessis

Popeye KIng




Others that played a major roll in 1968

• Cecil Berrata - official race starter

Joe Marchinskowski - Head of    marshalls

Rufus Pappenfuss - commentator

Cecil Baumgarten - program producer    and editor

Ian Little - Editing assistant

John Duncan

Tassie Groenewald

Ray Tripp

Later photographers were:

Andre de Waal

Kees van der Coolwijk



An early program cover depicting the year The Cape Hell Drivers was formed 1968

The middle page of the program listing the drivers of the time

The Top Twenty Drivers

Jack Holoway

Bill Lenz

Doep du Plessis

Johnny Clifton

Johan Tulleken

Wouter Smit

Nigel Reed

Deon de Waal

John Geldenhuys

Karel Groenewald

Spider Webb

Ian Little

Neil Malan

Eric Bryan

Sakkie Burger

Cyril Jones

Neville Duddy

John Seas

Mel Cox

J. De Klerk

In 1969 the CHD reached a stage where not all the drivers could participate at the same race meeting, so therefore a lot of drivers only managed to take part once every two months. To counteract this the club drew up a Top Twenty list of drivers who were already well known to the public and who had already proven their merit by either consistent  driving or well prepared cars. These drivers were chosen to take part at every race meeting , unless a newcomer could oust one of them with a better performance. - The list was as follows: (this list changed over the years)


Flashbacks  1968 - 1969

Adrian Pheiffer (left with arms on hips) Jack Holloway (centre in background) and racing legend David Piper (in sports coat) - The cars on the field are those of Mel Cox (Ford Galaxy #131) and Noel van Broekhuysen (Pontiac #73) 1968

Jack Holloway (55 Chev #100) overtaking Noel van Broekhuysen (Nash #73) 1968

One of the highlights during the 1968 season was this chariot act  performed by Mitch Mitchell balancing on top of the cars of Wouter Smit (left) and Doep Du Plessis riding abreast.

Muller Immelman’s 55 Ford station wagon #25 known as the “ambulance” chased by local hero Deon de Waal in his 57 Ford #44 1969

Neville Dumbrell (57 Ford #30) accelerates passed the main grandstand 1969

A pile up in front of the main stand  involving Henry Lauff (57 Ford #57) and Karel Groenewald (55 Ford #4) 1969

Top twenty driver Nigel Reed (57 Ford Fastback) 1969

Ena de Waal (55 Ford ) 1968

Racing ace David Piper leads from Deon de Waal using Johnny van Niekerk’s Chev during a challenge race. Deon eventually won this race . 1968

Cars lining up for the Challenge match on 7 December 1968 are from left - Jack Holloway - Unknown driver and Johnny van Niekerk.