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The History

1968 - 1995

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The Ranger Stunt Team

Top Class Entertainment!

Spectators no longer needed to get impatient anymore waiting for hours for the action to commence as the team would come out in the late afternoon to entertain the crowd with some fine precision driving and amazing stunts. New tricks were always on the program and with the introduction of Belinda de Waal (Deon’s Sister) Big John Geldenhuys and Doep Du Plessis  made these breathtaking acts even more entertaining with their daring Roman Chariot rides.

With the sponsorship of Gunston the three Rangers had changed their appearance giving the cars a more professional look with their bold Gunston orange colour schemes and becoming known as the “Gunston Stunt Team”.

Below are a selection of images depicting some of the action!

The Ranger Stunt Team was formed during the 1969/70 summer season after the Cape Hell Drivers Club under the chairmanship of Jack Holloway had bought three Rangers from the Canadian Stunt Team during their tour of South Africa. The team consisted of Jack Holloway as leader Deon de Waal Johan Tulleken and later Andre Frylinck. Jack and his team had perfected their act to such a degree that they had even bettered the polished performances by the Canadians. Adrian Pheiffer once remarked that the team had become so good that they could very easily go on a tour to Canada.

Precision timing is needed here as three cars go over the ramps on two wheels - from left Deon de Waal, Johan Tuleken and Jack Holloway

Jack Holloway and Johan Tulleken go over the ramps at full speed as a daring Cyril Jones dressed as a clown decides to get a closer view of the action by standing on the ramp and missing him by centimetres

Following each other closely  as they go over the ramp one by one

Three stunt drivers get ready for yet another spectacular act

Another neat display of two wheel action by the Gunston stunt team

Deon de Waal and Jack Holloway  pass each other in opposite directions as they fly over the ramp

Belinda de Waal performing the popular Roman Chariot ride on top of the roof of Brother Deon’s car. She was the only  woman in the country to perform this hair raising stunt which not only took a tremendous amount of courage, but also split second timing and an infinite sense of balance

Top - Belinda de Waal on top of Brother Deon’s car while Cyril Jones on the left fools around on a clowns getup

Big John Geldenhuys acknowledges a roar from the crowd with a friendly wave

Big John concentrates on holding his balance with this Roman Chariot stunt  as Deon de Waal hits the ramp on two wheels

Deon does a high speed spin in front of the grand stand while Big John hangs on tightly

Big John hold on for dear life as Deon goes on two wheels at High speed

Big John Geldenhuys attempts to climb out of Deon’s car to commence his daring Roman Chariot ride

Big John Geldenhuys gets dragged through a wall of fire in a sled while being towed by Deon de Waal

The three stars of the show are from left - Deon de Waal, Jack Holloway and Johan Tulleken

The tree stuntmen discuss some new  tactics during a practice session at Goodwood surrounded by a bevy of young fans

Images from the Deon de Waal collection