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The History

1968 - 1995

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Video Clips & Links


Jose Canga visiting our shores from France, performs his balancing act at Goodwood (also see article  <The way it was>  this link will direct you to the British Pathe archive site were you can see Jose Canga in action doing his thing in the Streets Berlin Germany.

Courtesy of James Hoyle pp British Pathe

The old Worcester Motor Club, forerunner to what was to become The Cape Hell Drivers under the chairmanship of Jack Holloway. Jack Holloway #100 and Johnny van Niekerk #10 in there red and white Chevs are easily recognised in this clip. These visuals also give us a good idea of what American saloon car racing was all about in the mid  60’s.

Video clip courtesy of Jaydees Media Hemanus


Real oldies at the Harringay Speedway (UK) in the early 1950’s. This clip was taken from a 8mm cine film by Waltons Home Movies.

Courtesy of timetraveldvds


We urgently need video clips of all classes of racing at the Goodwood Oval Raceway from 1968 to 1995

The way it was