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The History

1968 - 1995

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A Selection Of Historic Photographs

The images in this gallery  are from our own private collection and those of enthusiasts and the Hell Drivers of the time with the explicit  direction to use these images on our website. Images depicting stock cars from countries other than South Africa Carry the approval  of the respective website owners. Images that do not fall into this category could not be verified as  to the ownership or origin of such images. Any parties who can prove ownership are welcome to contact us in this regard……Pictures  have been randomly placed as received.     


Deon de Waal - Pontiac Transam 1990’s


Deon de Waal being presented with a trophy from Jack Holloway 1970’s


Charles Waring


Deon de Waal



Deon de Waal Chev SS 1980’s

Jack Holloway 1970’s


One of  Deon de Waal’s roll over stunts with Cecil Barata in assistance (shorts) 1970’s

Gary van Oudtshoorn 58 Ford 1985

The Goodwood Oval in earlier days - Deon de Waal leading the pack mid 1960’s

Big John Geldenhuys at Worcester in the mid 60’s

Coenie Lombard Chev Camaro 1985

CCF20130326_00008.jpg CCF20130326_00015.jpg CCF20130326_00016.jpg CCF20130326_00017.jpg CCF20130326_00022.jpg CCF20130326_00018.jpg CCF20130326_00033.jpg CCF20130326_00046.jpg CCF20130326_00043.jpg CCF20130326_00047A.jpg

Deon de Waal on his speedway bike 1970’s ( notice the old exhibition hall in the background)

Riaan Kirshner 4Cyl Nissan 1988

K van Rhyn in a roll (looks like he’s falling out - does anybody know the story?) Late 1960’s

Floris (Boetie) Binneman - 56 Ford 1985

Deon de Waal 57 Ford late 1960’s

CCF20130326_00006.jpg CCF20130326_00041.jpg CCF20130326_00019.jpg CCF20130320_00003.jpg CCF20130320_00017C.jpg

Johnny van Niekerk 1970’s

The rear end of Deon de Waal’s Ford Galaxy 1970’s

Neville Worth 57 Ford 1970’s

Louis Borel Saladin(middle) holding the Cape Times Trophy with Jack Hollway (left) and Deon de Waal 1971

Ena de Waal 1958

30 Years at the Goodwood Oval Racway Mid 1960’s to 1995 - A Pictorial Overview

24937_376284848407_6589757_n.jpg 24937_376284878407_7703597_n.jpg CCF20130326_00038.jpg 284880_10150730416285702_7975359_n.jpg 24937_376284863407_7433385_n.jpg

Jan Swart receiving championship trophy from Jack Holloway 1970’s

Kobus Kroese wins the championhip in his Chev Camaro mid 80’s

One of Harold Lotter’s first cars (1956 Ford) early 70’s

Neil Griebenouw Chrysler Valiant 1985

Receiving trophies from Jean Holloway are Jan Swart (left) and Norman Birkett 1970’s

169061_496921057154_515316_n.jpg 208626_1649913447696_1381953_n.jpg 316329_10150517453019816_1705366191_n.jpg 417725_199734043465232_2031588068_n.jpg CCF20130326_00005.jpg

Peter Welman Chev 1980’s

Harold Lotter with his Ford Fairmont in action 1980’s

Big John Geldenhuys (right) receiving a trophy 1970’s

Brian Bright 4Cyl class Nissan 1980’s

Deon de Waal - Pontiac Transam 1990

CCF20130326_00030.jpg CCF20130326_00034.jpg

Deon de Waal - 57 Ford 1967

Billy Leftley 1970’s

Deon de Waal 57 Ford 1967

In overalls (left) Big John Geldenhuys with Deon de Waal - Goodwood mid 60’s

Hendry Lauff Ford Galaxy #57 - P Smit 57 Ford #22 - Deon de Waal 57 Ford #44 1968