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The History

1968 - 1995

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My racing career began in 1968 at the age of 18, when I started racing motorcycles at Killarney Race Track. In 1969, I came second in the Western Province 250cc Class rising a 175cc Bridgestone. In 1970 I joined Safmarine and left Cape Town, later qualifying as a marine engineer. On the 4th of September 1978 I returned to motor sport and joined The Cape Hell Drivers. This was the same time that Ernie de Witt (4cyl), Willie Strang (4cyl) and Martin Neethling joined the club.

I raced a VW Beetle until 1981 and then changed to a Mazda Rotary. In 1985 I competed in in my first national championship event, the SA Championship for Modified Saloons. On the 25th of January 1986 I won my first championship, the West Coast Championship, driving the Mazda Rotary. In the 1986 Nationals, I came second, one point behind Jesse Huggett and in so doing qualified for WP Colours.

5 March 2013



A popular driver of the time, displaying intricate and daring manoeuvres that one could almost  label as being “Peanuts Fouche” . His particular driving style coupled with absolute dedication to motor sport resulted in Peanuts achieving many awards and trophies, not to mention Western Province and National colours.  Peanuts Fouche continues to operate his very successful Engineering business in Parow (see display ad below). Something that may not be common knowledge to many is that Peanuts is also a keen Classic Car collector and also the Chairman of the GSM Club of SA - Their website and the Peanuts Classic and Race Cars facebook page is well worth a visit. We are also honoured to have Peanuts Fouche on our website.- Stockcars.za.org Admin.

In 1989, I started racing Super Midgets with the controversial side-winder and won the SA Championships in '92 and '93. I was runner up in the 1994 National championship and qualified for National colours. In those days there were 25 -30 cars on the grid for a national event.

During my racing career I won many championships around the country, but unfortunately never the CHD Club Championship and this will always be a sore point for me. I currently sponsor 4 Class “B” midgets at Tygerberg Raceway. I also have a keen interest in Classic Cars and currently own 17.

Peanuts on the circuit with his Hayden Dart                             A now  rare  1968 Mazda R130                             A Flamingo in Peanuts collection

              • Entered the motor racing world at 18

                  • Joined the Cape Hell Drivers in 1978

                     • Raced a VW Beetle until 1981 and then a Mazda Rotary in 1986

                        • 1989 raced Super Midgets

                          • Collects many trophies, Provincial and National Colours

Peanuts Fouché - Car #57

Left - A horrific continuous end over end flip between Jesse Huggett and Peanuts Fouche. Both midgets flipped and caused the public to look on in absolute disbelief. Miraculously both drivers escaped uninjured and Peanuts (it was his birthday) even managed to fix his car and continue racing . Jess on the other hand had more damage as his shocks completely broke off.

Comment - This is the sought of action that brought the crowds back to every event, not to see injury, but to witness top action by their favourite drivers - true heroes of the day.

Mazda RX during a classic car event at Killarney

Above - Peanuts’s #57 VW Beetle which  he raced until 1981 and his first entry in the 4 Cyl Class  in which he became a very strong contender.  Left - The Mazda RX Rotary which was a change from the Beetle in 1985. Peanuts excelled with this car and many trophies were won.

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Adrian Pheiffer

Motoring Correspondent

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