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The History

1968 - 1995

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Interesting Insights


Thrills and spills were almost guaranteed at every race event in the early years, and there would always be some incredible incidents or mishaps taking place at the Goodwood oval that one can never forget.

In those days the annual Cape Agricultural Show would always bring entertainment to the arena during the day such as gymkhana displays, militay excibitions and equestrian show jumping with  the Cape Hell Drivers being the highlight of the evening. Unfotunately there was always some obsticles left behind in the arena from the days events. On one occation, it was in the form of a huge circus tent erected near the Epping corner and anchored down with steel cables.

Bill Lenz, a driver who has had his fair share of bad luck will be remembered for his spectacular and sometimes almost impossible manoeuvres around the Goodwood Oval. During one of the races Bill, driving his 69 Ford Fairlane was spun around by another competitor just in front of the main grandstand and suddenly found himself going in reverse at high speed and straight for the circus tent - fighting vigurously with the steering, Bill amazingly managed to avoid touching any of the cables and bringing the car to rest just inches away from the tent - not bad for a driver who always wore spectacles.

Another incredible incident was when the yellow 56 Ford of Clive Scott seemed to have launched itself coming out of Epping corner after hitting an embedded tyre and forcing it to go into a spectaculer cart wheel almost half way down the pit straight. To the amazement of the spectators Clive climbed out of the wrecked car with a wave and a smile to the crowd. Maraculously the same car was back and ready for action for the following race meeting.

Who could ever forget the disasterous roll over by veteran driver Willie Marshall who must have rolled his silver Studebaker at least twice on the Goodwood corner and coming to rest  on it's wheels. The poor car looked as if  it was digested by "Godzille" and then spat out. Willie suffered a broken arm  and was taken to hospital, but I think that was the last we ever saw of him.

Another incident that happened in the 60's was when the turquoise and yellow 58 Ford of Cyril Jones #130 had lost control coming our of the Goodwood Corner and smashed into the armcor railing directly in from of the race starter Cecil Baratta. Baratta who was purched on top of a high metal stand and right up against the railing had got such a fright that he lost his balance from the vibration of the impact causing him to take a nasty tumble. Luckily there were no serious injuries, but one thing was for certain - “that white suit must have surely paid a visit to the dry cleaners”



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The 58 Ford of Cyril Jones moments before smashing into the armcor railing which caused race starter Cecil Barata to loose his balance and take a tumble from the starters stand.