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The History

1968 - 1995

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André Ferreira Car # A24


Andre Ferreira – One of the top ten Hell Drivers of the Goodwood Oval with many race wins. Popular amongst the fans and drivers alike. Andre's car was unique and the only one of it's kind at the time.  Ray Butters, well known as a commentator and program columnist and also a driver once made reference to Andre's flattened car with the comment “this is what a stock car should look like” -  We are pleased and honoured to include his brief write-up on our website – Thank you Andre. (Stockcars .za.org admin)

In my younger days I could fill my Anglia with R2.90 and was able to drive all day and is a life the younger generation would never have the opportunity to experience. Filling that Honda C110 with 16 cents worth of fuel is unforgettable. Johnny Clifton and myself come a long way including the fact that our fathers were friends and that we both enjoyed the casual dice around Salt River circle and up and down Durham Avenue and Salt River road in the early 1970's.

In 1977,  I was convinced to go to The Goodwood Raceway by Johnny one Saturday night as a spectator and got me into the spectator’s race with my 4100 Chevrolet Ltd which I duly won and so it all began.

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Andre attends a race meeting and gets hooked 1977

First race experience with his Holden

Acquisition if a 1939 Chevy Coupe

Andre stops racing In 1988 after a very successful                                                                            racing career

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After many mistakes and realisation that the track defiantly was not the road, it took years and many wrecks to get to the top ten which consisted of good tough experienced guys of which I am proud to be part of. The first race I had was started in pole position with a Holden Monaro of which I managed to get away very quickly not realising that everybody else was having a fight for position behind me which delayed them a while. As I passed the pit on the first lap waving to my pit mechanic thinking how easy this stock car racing is I looked in the mirror and saw three v8's next to each other coming at me at a speed. Cowardice and panic set in allowing me to make my debut with the then fence. If  they called me chicken they were spot on as it was the end of the Holden and the beginning of a more serious and calculated racing where I learnt that respect was duly earned.

My very first Stock Car  (Holden Monaro)

Jesse Huggett

Ronnie and his family sacrificed many hours and he to should be honoured for the building of this car and the inspiration that kept this baby going. The original landed up with Johnny Clifton. The second flatter 1939 was bought from a farmer in Leeu Gamka,  brought to Cape Town and rebuilt into a very quick car. I sold it to Andre Houghard and I have heard that there is an attempt to rebuild it. I stopped racing in 1988.

Images supplied by Andre Ferreira - captured from his facebook page with his kind permission. Thank you Andre for your contribution - Site Admin

The next stage of my racing career was the acquisition of a 1939 Chevy coupé which I found in a yard in Maitland ( I have always had a soft spot for old cars)  which I bought and took it to my pit  mechanic's ( Ronnie Kielblock ) house in Goodwood (See image below) - a completely different image on the track to the norm. I named the car “Honeychile” after the American B2 bomber because this car was almost “wall proof”  - My dear mechanic  often forgave me for my indiscretions and mistakes, thank you Ronnie.

Goodwood raceway had a mystical way of forcing respect by attaching your car to the wall should you show disrespect and think that you have waxed it. It’s great to be one of the legends of which there are so many memory’s and good friendships that were cemented on Goodwood Raceway of which I am grateful for. I have won many races with lots of silver on the shelf and each and every race was in my opinion a classic. The the comrade amongst the drivers, family and spectators will be forever memorable.

16 January 2013