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The History

1968 - 1995

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8 October 2012


Official phographer 70's and 80's

Kees gets behind the wheel 1975

Receives trophy for Best Newcomer

Kees decides that he's a better  photographer                                                                than a driver

Not much is ever known about action photographers   “who is the man behind the camera”   - well, we are privileged to introduce Kees van de Coolwijk the man responsible for many   a action shot appearing in the Cape Hell Drivers programs and news papers. Kees is still very much involved with photography and Lives in Hermanus and also has his business there. Kees has very kindly given us a brief background of his involvement with stock car racing and the Goodwood Oval. The visual history of Stock Cars would have been poorer without Kees’s contributions.

I arrived back in South Africa from Zambia in 1968 and started taking photos at Killarney and at rallies. I was then asked if I wanted to take photos at Goodwood and started in 1969.   In 1975 I decided that racing at Goodwood should be fun and obtained a 1957 Ford at the grand price of R150.

In those days qualifying was necessary and I managed to get an entry to race at the oval. During the first race the bumpers fell off and I realized there’s more to it than slight mods and off we go. One of the Jamestown club drivers took pity on me and helped build a new cage and reinforced bumper.

My season was relatively quiet with only two rebuilds due to demolition of the car and I ended winning the Best Newcomer Trophy for that season. I then tried Killarney but after a disastrous season realized I was a better photographer than a driver and concentrated on only that until in 1993 when I decided that enough is enough and prompted by a move to Hermanus stopped taking photos of motor sport.

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