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The History

1968 - 1995

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This is an exclusive  historical website depicting nearly 30 years of Hell Driving at the Goodwood Oval Raceway. We highlight events and the legends who made it all possible through their passion for the sport and daring attitude. The articles, pictures and driver profiles will transport you back in time and evoke many nostalgic memories.

Our Stock Car website will initiate many conversations and can be shared with family, friends and Oval Track enthusiasts. This is then an epic reconstruction in cyber form of a passed era, but saved in this one place thanks to technology.



The Ray Butters Article


Ray's Article

Relive the thrills & spills  read about the excitement and electrifying atmosphere  visit our driver profile pages and interesting articles   bring back those exhilarating moments that were once the goodwood oval raceway

(Late) Bill Lenz

(Late ) Louis Borel Saladin

Ray Butters

Johnny Clifton

Deon De Waal

Andre Ferreira

Jesse Huggett

Peanuts Fouche


(Late) Louis Borel Saladin (Late) Bill Lenz Ray Butters Johnny Clifton Kees van der Coolwijk

Ex Goodwwod Drivers, Please send your profile

Andre Ferreira Jesse Huggett Gary van Oudtshoorn Peanuts Fouche

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Gary van Oudtshoorn

Kees vd Coolwijk

Deon de Waal

Frans du Toit

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The Professionals Cape Hell Drivers Home of The Tar Oval

It is with sadness that I announce the passing of my Brother Gary van Oudtshoorn after a long battle with cancer.

Gary was also the co-founder of this website and was responsible for much of it’s content.

He was a great stock car enthusiast and loved the time he had on the track. He requested that I continue to keep the history of the Cape Hell Drivers (Goodwood) alive and this will be his legacy which I will be proud to do. You can read more about Gary on his Profile Page.

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